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The Escape Hunt Experience Singapore

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The Escape Hunt Experience Singapore

rating (5.0)

Duration: 90 minutes

Departs: Singapore, Singapore

Price from USD 18.39

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Escape Hunt Experience Singapore, the ultimate live escape game, creates a world of mystery with clues, puzzles and cryptic messages — and it’s up to you and your friends to figure them out. Based on classic ‘escape-the-room’ games that have grown in popularity worldwide, Escape Hunt lets you voyage back in time as you play the part of a London detective solving mysteries set in Singapore. This must-do attraction provides your party with a private room as you work to find the key before time runs out. Tea and costumes included.

Adapted from computer games such as ‘Myst’ and ‘Crimson Room,’ live escape games first appeared in Japan around 2007 and quickly spread throughout the world. At Escape Hunt Experience Singapore, players are locked together in a simple room with objects and must solve puzzles and cryptic messages in order to find the key to unlock the door.

Prepare to be transported more than 100 years back in time as you and your friends play the part of a famous London detective trying to solve a mystery in Singapore. Use all of your skills and wits as you go about gathering clues and answering riddles before time runs out. Work as a team while you play against the clock to find the suspectÂ’s identity and thereby find your escape.

At the end of your 1-hour adventure, youÂ’re served complimentary tea and biscuits in the lounge, where you can chat about your experience and dress up in Sherlock Holmes costumes for a fun photo session with detective props.

Each private room holds just two to five players and comes with your own dedicated game master to assist you. If there are six to 10 players in your group, you can book two identical rooms and compete against one other in the same game; youÂ’ll have a blast going head to head to escape and seeing who achieves the best time.

Upon booking, choose from three games: Spy in the Study, Blackmail in the Bedroom, or Bomb in the Cellar (advanced players). See full descriptions below.

Spy in the Study
Play detectives solving the mystery of documents stolen from the biggest company in Singapore. The police have given you 1 hour to find who stole the blueprints, before the stock market opens and the company is forced to go public with the theft.

(Book this room for up to five players or book Spy in the Study Room No. 1 at the same time for six to 10 players.)

Blackmail in the Bedroom
An unknown blackmailer with compromising photos has threatened the incumbent president, who is seeking re-election. If the photos are released, he could lose the election. Play detectives and find out who the blackmailer is before it is too late.

(Book this room for up to five players or book Blackmail in the Bedroom Room No. 2 at the same time for six to 10 players.)

Bomb in the Cellar (advanced level)
A warning note has been sent to the police about a bomb in the cellar of a wealthy businessman, who refuses to leave his house. Play detectives and race against time to find the culprit in 1 hour and before the bomb goes off.

(Book this room for up to five players or book Bomb in the Cellar Room No. 1 at the same time for six to 10 players.)

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